Does Marketing make you feel sick?  Go from ick to confidence here!

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Hi, I'm Rita!  I've been an entrepreneur since childhood, travel advisor since 2010, and I started helping my fellow entrepreneur community in 2021.  I first started by hosting The Strategic Travel Entrepreneur weekly podcast, and have provided additional resources such as Prep for Wave Week.

My goal with Take the Helm, is to provide you with access to resources and experts, so that you can take them helm in your own service-based business.

Entrepreneurship is not rocket science, but it does take consistent action and sustainable strategy. If you're looking to create a business that is unique to you and your clients' needs, while supporting your fellow community, and having fun, you're in the right spot!

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Available Products

Marketing Business School

Need a marketing strategy that doesn’t make you sick to your stomach?

Lead Generation Calculator

FREE Resource to help you reverse engineer how many clients you need to be talking to meet your Yearly Income Goals!

Reels Starter Kit (Coming Soon!)

Easily get started in creating IG Reels or YT Shorts!

LinkedIn Starter Kit (Coming Soon!)

Easily get started in optimizing your LinkedIn Personal Profile!

W.E.T. Workshop

The W.E.T. Workshop is perfect for time-strapped solopreneurs who are stuck in starting their weekly email strategy by not having the tools to begin.

Email Article Bundle for Travel Advisors

The Email Article Bundle includes 50 email articles, calendar for weekly implementation, and additional "get started" guide

Get Found on Google Workshop + Replay

For business owners wanting to spin a little less on the marketing hamster wheel, and easily get found on Google.  Live 2-hour workshop happening on Wed, 6/28 from 3-5pm EST.

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