Want More People to Be Aware of your Business?  Learn more!

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It's time to get clients, and it's time to do it, together.

Have you been stuck in the hamster wheel of learning?

I know, I've been there too.

Where all the gurus have been teaching you how to do this and do that, but none of it actually helps you land clients....because they're typically teaching you NURTURE strategies, not ATTRACT and SEARCH strategies. 

So instead of learning how to do a million more things in your business, are you finally ready to TAKE ACTION and transform?

That's why I started the Collaborative--so you could actually take action on the visibility strategies that will actually get you in front of your aligned ideal clients and referral partners.

Visibility = Awareness

And the more RIGHT people that are AWARE your business even exists, the more potential to grow, your business has.  {Did I just speak in Yoda?}

So what exactly does the Collaborative entail:

  • Monthly Virtual Kickoff Celebration to start every month off right
  • Monthly Virtual Search Party held monthly to search for opportunities to find ideal clients and referral partners
  • Monthly Virtual Tech Talk Q&A to troubleshoot your visibility or content creation questions
  • Visibility Trackers to record and track what opportunities are actually bringing you results
  • Private FB Group to communicate and troubleshoot on our actions and goals

**As the Collaborative grows and evolves, some offerings may change or be added. 

Pricing per entrepreneur is currently just $10 a month!

This membership is for you if you:

  • Are a travel entrepreneur
  • Are looking to focus more on taking action and less on learning all the things
  • Want to be involved in a community that you support and supports you in return
  • Understand that every entrepreneur is running a unique travel business and your own goals and actions should be unique to you and your business
  • Love to have fun, and don't take yourself too seriously
  • Support diversity, equity, and inclusion efforts on multiple levels in our travel industry
  • Aren't looking to overextend yourself to additional commitments (you don't need to be doing all the things)
  • Just need to get the sh!t done!

This membership is NOT for you if:

  • You can't pull the trigger to take the action needed for your travel business
  • You're not interested in giving back to your travel entrepreneur community
  • You're new to the industry and haven't taken action on certain foundational elements (get those done first and then come join us)
  • You're looking to learn more stuff (not saying you won't learn anything, but the focus is to take action and hold yourself accountable to the action)

And who am I?

My name is Rita M. Perez, and I've been a travel advisor for over 11 years now.  I'm also the Founder of Take the Helm, providing visibility business solutions to travel entrepreneurs like yourself.  You may know me from an event I held last November, Prep for Wave Week, my recent Mining for Gemstones Challenge, or as the host of The Strategic Travel Entrepreneur Podcast. 

Are you ready to take action and actually get more clients for your business?

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