Reels Starter Kit

Ready to create reels that are simple and uncomplicated?

Let me show you how to create and edit reels without depending on advanced tech skills.

Increasing your reach on social media isn’t easy.

You’re so busy being a travel advisor that you don’t have time to figure out how to be active on social media, let alone create professional-looking videos to educate and connect with potential new and current clients.

Yet not showing your authority on social media is costing you:

  • You might feel frustrated and inadequate, seeing your peers succeed while you struggle with the seeming-complexity of video creation.
  • You’re wasting countless hours trying to figure out how to create and edit reels on your own, and that time could be better spent on client interactions and trip planning.
  • Without a strong social media presence, you’re missing out on potential clients and revenue, leading to lost business opportunities and reduced income.
  • Not being visible on social media hinders you from establishing yourself as an authority in your niche and growing your client base.

It doesn’t have to be this way though… I can help you identify the types of reels you want to create and teach you quick ways to create them with apps you’re probably already using.

Why increasing your reach on social media with video marketing is THE BEST

  • Feel more confident and satisfied by the way you show up on social media thanks to a simple video creation process.
  • Save hours with my step-by-step tutorials, which will streamline the editing process for you.
  • Save money by eliminating the need for third-party services that don’t speak in your voice, to your ideal clients, and to the services you provide.
  • Consistently produce quality content that boosts your social media presence and enables you to establish yourself as the authority in your niche.

Let me show you how.

Ready to finally create good reels on social media?

Introducing… the Reels Starter Kit.

Here’s what you’ll learn inside the Reels Starter Kit:

  • Master Basic Vertical Video Creation and Editing: Learn the fundamentals of vertical video, including the types of videos that work well, and how to create and edit them directly in the Instagram app and Canva.
  • Efficiently Repurposing and Editing Content: Gain skills in repurposing existing content and editing videos using Descript, enabling you to maximize their content's reach and effectiveness with branded captions.
  • Effective Social Media Management: Learn Instagram hacks, and walk through how to schedule and upload your content either natively or using a scheduling app, ensuring a consistent and strategic social media presence.

All delivered to you through step-by-step video lessons with closed captions.

And the best news? You can go through the whole course in a morning and implement it in an afternoon.

Here’s what you’ll learn inside the Reels Starter Kit:

Module 1 - Welcome to the Reels Starter Kit!

Get an introduction to the course, setting expectations, and preparing you for the journey ahead.

Module 2 - Vertical Video Basics

Learn the fundamentals of vertical video creation, including essential elements and tools, enabling you to make quality reels with ease.

Module 3 - Types of Videos

Explore various types of videos, such as talking heads, changing scenes, and trending audio, allowing you to create a range of engaging content.

Module 4 - Creating and Editing in Instagram

Master the process of recording, editing, and enhancing videos directly within the Instagram app, simplifying your content creation workflow.

Module 5 - Creating Reels from Instagram Stories

Transform your Instagram Stories into compelling long-form and short-form reels, maximizing the reach and impact of your content.

Module 6 - Creating and Editing in Canva

Create, brand, and add effects to video clips in Canva, giving you the skills to create reels in a different platform.

Module 7 - Repurposing and Editing in Descript

Repurpose long-form and horizontal videos by adding captions in Descript and making edits in Canva, getting the most use out of your existing content.

Module 8 - Scheduling/Uploading

Discover time-saving methods for scheduling and uploading your content across platforms like Meta Business Suite, Buffer, and YouTube, ensuring a consistent and multi-channel social media presence.

Join now for $65!

Do you want to be my next success story? 

There are no testimonials for the Reels Starter Kit, yet, but here are some testimonials for my other Starter Kits :)

Is this for you?

This is for you if:

  • You’re a travel advisor looking to improve your social media presence and attract more clients through engaging video content.
  • You want to press the “easy button” to create professional reels and increase your visibility online without complicated tools or processes.
  • You’re ready to feel confident in creating and editing reels.

This is not for you if:

  • You're not interested in using social media to promote your travel agency services.
  • You're looking for advanced video editing techniques beyond basic reel creation.
  • Purchasing this course puts you in financial hardship, please check out my other free resources instead. This starter kit will be here when you’re ready!

Ready to easily increase your social media reach by confidently creating reels?

If it’s time to finally create and edit engaging video content for social media and improve your visibility and authority online to attract more travel clients, join the Reels Starter Kit now.

Join now for $65!

Hey, I’m Rita M. Perez

And I empower travel advisors to feel confident, improve their marketing efforts, and take action in their businesses.

I created the Reels Starter Kit because creating vertical videos doesn’t need to be hard or complicated. I believe that keeping things simple not only helps you to take action, but keep doing it on a regular basis. 

I’m also a huge fan of Game of Thrones, The Nightmare Before Christmas, and most things nerdy, as well as working on puzzles and paint-by-numbers.

Frequently Asked Questions

When can I get started?

As soon as you sign up, you'll have immediate access to all the modules.

How much time will it take me to implement the Reels Starter Kit?

The lessons are bite-sized and designed for you to take immediate action, as you're watching the videos.  You may need to watch the videos and create videos a few times before you start getting the hang of creating reels on your own.

How long will I have access to the Reels Starter Kit?

There is currently no expiration date on your access.

Do I need specific tech to implement this?

Yes, but I keep it simple :)  At the bare minimum, you need the Instagram app and Meta Business Suite.  The next tech I would make sure to have after that is Canva.  Apps that aren't necessary, but that may be helpful are Descript and Buffer.

Do you have a refund policy?

Due to the digital nature and immediate access of this product, there are no refunds.

My question isn’t here...

If you have any other questions, just email me at rita (at) steeryourmarketing (dot) com to ask questions.

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