Blog Travel Industry Black Friday!

Travel Industry Black Friday!


Happy Black Friday Season!!

I know people have mixed feelings about Black Friday and I absolutely love it :)  It's the time where I can double down on things I've been thinking about throughout the year, and it's also a time that provides so much fun.

I don't know about you, but I get so excited perusing the offers and deciding which ones I'm sticking with.

And while, for the most part, we typically think of personal items to get, it's also time to treat your business and entrepreneurial-self.

For you my fellow travel business owners, I went the extra mile, per ushe, and got together just under 20 vendors with just under 40 special and limited offers for your travel business, at the first annual Travel Industry Black Friday Event!

Make sure to check all those goodies here :)

Additionally, here's a few of my favorite non-industry specific resources that have amazing offers, as well:

  • Email Marketing Membership Annual Pass is open for sale at the low price of $108/year from November 20th-24th.  I've been using the email templates to keep me consistent with my email marketing since last year, and it's truly been a godsend.  The Annual Pass now also includes live rounds of the most important Passholder Bonuses: Welcome Sequence Workshop, List Building Challenge, Sales Page Training, Launch Course, and Bankable Black Friday.  You seriously don't want to miss all that goodness for that steal of a price.

  • Anti-Hustle Holiday Series will be available from 11/27-12/1.  I participated in this series last year with my friend, Deanna Seymour, and I honestly look forward to all the non-businessy episodes every year.  This year, you can listen for the week for free, or get the All Access Pass for just $9.  All proceeds of the All Access Pass will be donated to Dolly Parton's Imagination Library, making it a true no-brainer.

  • Not Your Average Membership is on Black Friday Promo through Cyber Monday!  My friend and peer Zach Spuckler leads this group and is an expert at list building with FB Ads.  If you wanted to learn more about FB Ads like you're a total newbie--this is the community for you.  Use code BFCM49 to get access now.  (If you'd rather just get a quick training on FB Ads and not join a membership--sign up for his FB Ads Bootcamp for only $25!

  • Hello Audio is doing 40% off the first year of all plans through November 30th!  Hello Audio is one of my favorite techs that I invested in last year, as it's helped me to build my email list through private podcast summits.  Highly recommend to anyone wanting to dip their toes into private podcasting next year.

  • CastMagic is another of my favorite tools of 2023!  It is an AI that I run all my podcast episodes through.  It transcribes, gives me key words, gives me social media post suggestions, gives a list of notable quotes--making curating my promotional reels and social media posts super easy.  This AI just saves me so much time, and I absolutely love that it repurposes my own content vs scoping the internet.

  • Confidence in ClickUp Course is 50% off starting on actual Black Friday.  This is the course that has really taught me the in's and out's of using this project management tool.  If you're looking to be on top of your systems for the 2024 Wave Season with ClickUp, this is a must.

I'm sure I'll be adding more resources to this list as they become available, so please make sure to check back here for updates.

Until next time,


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