Blog The Inaugural Travel Tech Audio Summit

The Inaugural Travel Tech Audio Summit


Last year I had a brain child for the travel industry....

...a Travel Tech Summit of sorts, where I could get top leaders to discuss their programs and industry trends.

Didn't know how I was going to make it happen, but the idea never left me.

After a quick training on audio summits, I just knew--this is it!

And about a month-ish ago, the Inaugural Travel Tech Audio Summit was born :)

I feverishly reached out to colleagues in the industry to propose my innovation and received incredible feedback.

I now have 8 fantastic interviews recorded with top leadership from travel tech businesses.

And it's going live for you, my travel industry colleagues, on May 31st.

Featured Speakers include:

Irving Betesh of Sion

David Chait of Travefy

Debby Corwin of TAToolkit

Alicia Diez of LUXPages

Kimber Falkinburg of SEQUENSE

Dora Karanikas of LUXPages

Grace McBride of Lucia

Alexandra Tucker of SEQUENSE

Carrie Wallace of FamGuru

Shayna Zand of WeTravel

Registration is free through May 30th and open to secure your personal link to the private podcast feed.

Head on over to to learn more and please feel free to share with you travel industry colleagues :)

Have questions?  Comment below or email me at


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