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The Calendars I use for Planning


In anticipation for the upcoming Marketing Strategy Planning Session, I wanted to get all my calendars together and in order with the hopes of bringing a lot more EASE into 2023. (PS--there are some affiliate links present, which means I'll be paid a commission at no extra cost to you).

Here's a breakdown of the calendars I'm using and how I'll be utilizing them.

The first is the Yearly Wall Calendar.  I'm actually using this calendar with these removable sticker dots.

I'm essentially planning out my year in terms of when I want to take off, when travel industry events are happening, and when events or things that I want to host, will be planned out.

I felt a HUGE weight lifted when I started adding dots to the calendar because it gave me a better view of the year, and gave me a plan to stick to in terms of when I would be doing things.  This helps me immediately put up boundaries in my business, especially as I'm working to get to a 4-day work week. It also helped me plot out things on the calendar like Prep for Wave Week 2023 and the 2023 Marketing Planning Strategy Session, so I could plan accordingly much earlier in the coming year, as opposed to it all creeping up on me this year, like it did.

2023 is going to be all about EASE for me, and this fall was NOT easy because I was scrambling to get a lot of things together.

The Yearly Wall Calendar came with this Goal Planner, which I'm not totally sure how I'm going to use yet.  Some thoughts have been are to use for breaking down projects (project management) or planning out projects.  Comment below--how would you use it?

I also purchased 2 Monthly Wall Calendars to separate the more in-depth planning for my two businesses.  My travel business and my marketing business.  As I work to utilize a project management tool more in 2023, I may not need these.  The good thing with these calendars is that I purchased them from the Dollar Tree, so no worries on money lost, as least :)

For these calendars, I also purchased these removable flags to keep things better organized.

And finally I purchased two desk calendars; one pictured here like a small tabletop tent, and the second one, flatter, and larger, to give great monthly overview of dates.  Really these are to keep me on track with what's going on monthly, and work together with the calendar I utilize in my phone.

So you tell me, how are you using calendars to stay organized in 2023?

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